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Budget Saudi Arabia redefines reliability and customer experience in vehicle renting, leasing

Budget Saudi Arabia
Over four decades, Budget Saudi Arabia has ensured efficient customer service and a commitment to promptly delivering promises without compromising on quality

Budget Rent a Car (also known as United International Transportation Company) is Saudi Arabia’s leading vehicle renting and leasing company for B2B and B2C customers. Over the last four decades of its operations in the Kingdom, Budget Saudi has become synonymous with quality and reliability in the transportation sector .  

Today, with nearly 30,000 vehicles and network of over 95 retail stations in 25 cities, Budget Saudi boasts the Middle East and North Africa’s (MENA’s) largest fleet network in terms of coverage for rental and lease services. 

Partnering in Vision 2030

Aligning with the Vision 2030 of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Budget Saudi is committed to contribute effectively in nation building and transforming the workforce to deliver efficiency. The company has a very strong base of local Saudi customers and provides significant employment opportunities to Saudi employees to work and grow in the organisation. With a focused approach to ensure consistent development of a talent pool and knowledge base, Budget Saudi trains a workforce of local and diverse nationalities to excel in customer service and in their technical competencies. The company also gives them  opportunities to make career progress successfully within the company. in 2018, Budget Saudi seamlessly implemented the transition of its car rental industry into a fully localised Saudi Arabian customer service workforce. It also employs staff of various nationalities to cater to its repair and maintenance divisions across the Kingdom and in other relevant portfolios. 

Innovation to create greater customer experience

Budget Saudi is known for its investment in technology and innovation to achieve delightful customer experiences at all customer touch points. The company caters to customer needs providing multiple channels to engage with the company and create feedback loops for positive improvements. Budget Saudi leverages a fully integrated ERP system to ensure the prompt capture and delivery of complete information and data, including customer expectations. The engagement through social media platforms on a regular basis creates efficient and timely communication with customers and helps the company receive prompt updates. Budget Saudi listens to its customers through these channels and customises its products and service offerings. The tailor-made solutions to meet customers transportation needs coupled with flexible payment options along with customisations to ensure compliance with government regulations are the critical success factors in delivering exceptional customer experiences at Budget Saudi. Budget Saudi provides reliable, professional and accessible services to its customers that makes it the largest car rental and leasing company in Saudi Arabia and  the MENA region. 

The internal quality compliance systems to enforce uniformity of services and products in all its locations across the country is another major factor in creating positive customer experiences. Budget Saudi boasts of a young fleet  and consistently provides customers with an excellent choice of vehicles that are reliable, best in quality, and well maintained at its service facilities. 

Through workforce engagement using innovative schemes, Budget Saudi ensures workforce positivity and fulfills career ambitions for high potential employees. The investment in human capital to nurture their skills and accelerate their growth including Budget Saudi’s efforts to be an employer of choice is the reason for the high retention of a loyal workforce in the company.

Budget Saudi has also reinforced its commitment to quality by investing and building its own fully equipped state of the art maintenance facilities and service centres in 14 cities of the Kingdom. Thus, its fleet of vehicles are always in the best of mechanical condition and the company provides faster turnaround of vehicles. This also ensures that Budget Saudi can efficiently manage the idle time of vehicles and assure the customers of the quality and reliability of the vehicles without any compromise on safety standards. 

Great aspirations 

Budget Saudi has consistently provided innovative products and has been the trend setter in the vehicle renting and leasing industry in Saudi Arabia. It is committed to achieve greater success and growth in its fleet and revenues by focusing on new industry segments that are under focus in the Vision 2030 strategy. It is now considering various new channels of sales and development of digital platforms to reach out to customers more effectively and to tap into the potential of the young population in the Kingdom. 

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