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In Taiwan, Nan Shan Life Insurance sets the benchmarks

Nan Shan, founded in July 1963, is one of Taiwan’s longest-established insurance companies. Having abided by the motto of ‘Trust, Care, and Integrity’, Nan Shan has always put its best foot forward to offer services that touch policyholders’ hearts and rekindle one dream after another

The company is considered a reliable long-term partner for policyholders, employees and society. Nan Shan is praised as a reliable long-term partner for policyholders, employees and society as a whole, as well as Taiwan’s No. 1 ‘benchmark’ business.

Wide range of products

Nan Shan Life sets the goal to satisfy customer needs by developing insurance products for various life stages in order to help customers build comprehensive insurance coverage for various life risks. In addition, it is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive insurance and financial management planning and ubiquitous services for various needs via various distributions. It keeps its promises to customers and reinforces the stability and happiness for them and their families.

Focus on life insurance

Nan Shan recognizes the problem of insufficient insurance coverage and the risks that citizens have to face. Therefore, it provides comprehensive life insurance products, which range from short-term insurance to long-term and permanent life insurance. Customers can choose products that suit them best. This, in turn, assists them in making their lives more secure.

All-inclusive health insurance

Various types of health insurance products are provided, including full reimbursement, reimbursement in installments or/and at fixed rates or permanent insurance. Customers can have comprehensive insurance plans based on their personal needs. Specific products for top 10 serious diseases and cancers are also designed to satisfy health insurance needs.

Injury insurance

Accidents can happen any time. So Nan Shan has developed comprehensive accident insurance products, including personal accident insurance, accidental daily hospital income and injury insurance with full reimbursement. Nan Shan had introduced the first permanent insurance product with full reimbursement in Taiwan. In addition, it was the first to provide accidental fracture insurance to cater to the increasing needs of protection of the elderly, who are prone to accidental bone fractures. The comprehensive protection helps to reduce customers’ medical expenses.

Innovative personal micro-insurance products

Nan Shan is the first insurance company to provide personal micro-insurance products. Lower insurance rate is offered to make basic accidental death/disability insurance affordable to minority groups. Injury micro-insurance for groups also became available, covering more groups in need. Special service counters are established in business centers and free micro-insurance consulting hotlines are provided to help customers gain easier access to professional support.

Develop new products

New insurance products are continuously developed and provided in response to various needs and future social trends. For example, to address the issues of an aging society, a series of pension insurance products and long-term healthcare insurance products are provided to secure customers’ lives after retirement. Preventive healthcare was also introduced to encourage people to make proper healthcare and insurance plans. Due to the influence of shifts in international trends, Nan Shan also provides various USD insurance policies so that customers’ investment plans can be more diverse and the allocation of their assets more flexible.

Comprehensive insurance products that meet all your needs in life:

Ubiquitous services for different needs via distribution

Every insurance plan comes with Nan Shan’s lifetime commitment. Nan Shan has turned Intangible commitment into tangible services through various service channels, including insurance agents, financial institutions, corporations and the Internet.

Provide and cultivate the best agents

  1. More than 30,000 agents.
  2. The only insurance company awarded for ‘The Best Agent’ 21 times.
    (Risk Management, Insurance and Finance Magazine-The Best Insurer Survey )
  3. Keep recruiting agents and developing emerging service areas.
  4. The first EMBA training program to cultivate CEO-level managers.
  5. Experienced agents teach and lead new agents.

Bank insurance

  1. Utilise non-financial features to develop bancassurance sales and service points in various ways.
  2. Build mutually beneficial partnerships with banks based on the concept of strategic alliance.
  3. Develop customised training courses and activities based on characteristics and needs of banks.
  4. Design exclusive products according to features of channels.

Maximum market share in corporate/group insurance

  1. The first insurance company in Taiwan to offer group insurance and has accumulated more than 40 years of experience in corporate insurance.
  2. The broadest coverage of group insurance.
  3. Specially assigned agents to companies to provide timely insurance consulting service for corporate cost reduction.
  4. Develop a sustainable win-win system for corporations and employees in personal insurance, group insurance, talent retention and pension planning.

Digital innovation

  1. Term life insurance and travel insurance are also provided online.
  2. Exclusive and diverse products are designed for online customers, while customer information and demands can be accurately acquired by big data analytics.

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