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Orange to put France at the heart of European healthcare innovation

The French telecom giant is working with Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali to make big advancements in the sector

French telecom giant Orange is actively working with Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali to make advancements in healthcare. The idea is to transform France as the hub of European innovation and healthcare services, a media report said. 

Sanofi, Capgemini and Generali are creating a digital ecosystem dedicated to ehealth. This development will be the first on the European continent. Paul Hudson, CEO of Sanofi, told the media, “We believe that France, and more broadly Europe, have all the necessary assets to be among the leading global players in digital healthcare innovation. This project is the cornerstone of the open ecosystem centred on digital technology and healthcare data that we want to build with our partners. Our shared ambition is to bring together all the players, including startups, that will collectively invent the future of healthcare for the benefit of patients and thereby place France at the heart of European innovation in this strategic field.” 

It is reported the new ecosystem will be located in Paris and will comprise a Fab Lab, a Data Lab and a Living Lab. The third lab will allow patients and healthcare professionals to develop, test, adjust and assess solutions. This is a major development to the French society and is anticipated to bring profound transformation to healthcare. 

In recent years, digital innovation and data have become imperative to global healthcare. It is reported that the founding partners of the project are planning an initial investment of  €24 million. The virtual platform will be operational from June 2021 and the physical platform from December 2021.

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