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IronX is open to public testing following successful $26 million ICO

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The IronX Exchange is a joint venture between IronFX, the global multi-asset broker and EmurgoHK, the Cardano (ADA coin) creator. The Exchange has a full range of both crypto and fiat wallet funding options available

Following asuccessful $26 million ICO (Top 5 in 2019) and the beta testing process afterwards, IronX has announced a limited public launch of its exchange.

The IronX community is excited with the latest initiative of the IronX team: upon the registration and any further required KYC approval, users will automatically earn 10 IRX.

“We are delighted with our public launch, which commences today and gives investors access to the IronX platform. As promised, our platform users will be offered a 50% discount for trading fees paid with IRX tokens in frames of the IRX Loyalty Program. They will also have access to cryptocurrency and fiat pairings. We are planning to add more features to our platform on the later stages, together with an increased number of listed cryptocurrencies,” said IronX CEO Dimitris Hatzis.

Some of the accessible features include access to the platform available at with the chance to trade in both fiats (USD, EUR, and JPY) and cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, IRX, PMA, ADA, EOS, LTC, NEO, XLM, XRP and XTZ).

Users of the exchange will benefit in a variety of ways, having access to competitive exchange rates, high-grade security and data protection and easy fiat-to-crypto conversion, which will ensure straightforward market entrance for the new traders. Among the latest trading instruments and features, the IronX team announced available order types (market, limit and stop), comprehensive customer coverage, exclusive service offerings and 50% discount for trading fees paid with IRX.

Investors will also have access to their referral program, featuring bonus on the referral trading fees:

  • 20% if they hold less than 12,500 IRX ($5,000) 
  • 40% if they hold 12,500 IRX ($5,000) 
  • 50% if they hold 25,000 IRX ($10,000)

Speaking about the forthcoming public launch, Mr Hatzis said: “IronX’s goal is not to only grow the number of cryptocurrencies and fiats available for trade but to also provide high-quality customer support, with security as our core focus. We want everyone looking to trade in cryptocurrencies – from newcomers to experienced traders- to do so with confidence in a safe trading environment.”

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