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Volkswagen plans to replace CEO Matthew Mueller

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The big corporate decision to name Herbert Diess as the next CEO stems from the company’s efforts to conclude the 2015 diesel emission scandal

According to CNBC, Volkswagen CEO will be replaced by Herbert Diess, who is the Member of Board of Management at Volkswagen. The company issued a statement: “The Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Volkswagen is currently in discussions with certain members of the Supervisory Board and of the Board of Management. Mr. Matthias Müller showed his general willingness to contribute to the changes.”

Mueller’s exit from the company will encourage a fresh start from the scandal and attempts to move ahead. Although Mueller was not directly involved in the emissions scandal, a line of speculations believe Mueller and other executives did not actively take actions on the matter. Diess holds a good reputation in public and has significantly tried to reduce company costs. 

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