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Start-up of the Week: Meet Bringg, the game changer in logistics sector

Bringg's delivery solutions work on two core solutions, 'Delivery Hub' and 'ROAD', to ensure last-mile operation for its clients and partners

In today’s episode of the ‘Start-up of the Week‘, International Finance will talk about Israel-based Bringg, which was established in 2013 and is a provider of cloud and AI-based delivery management solutions.

These solutions come with features like delivery tracking, supply chain visibility, routing, management of dispatch, driver management, inventory management, store operations, returns, first and last-mile deliveries. Global beverage and shopping giants like Coca-Cola, Boulanger and Walmart are some of the prominent customers of Bringg.

Knowing Bringg In Detail

Bringg, which has Salesforce and Shopify as its business partners, helps its clients to optimise and grow their last-mile delivery with the start-up’s ‘Delivery Management Platform’. Cost reduction, simplification of operations and a surge in brand loyalty are the perks which Bringg’s clients and partners get.

Bringg’s delivery solutions work on two core solutions, ‘Delivery Hub’ and ‘ROAD’, to ensure last-mile operation for its clients and partners.

“Delivery Hub is a one-stop multi-carrier management platform designed to expand shipping options and delight customers – while simplifying operations, reducing cost and driving brand loyalty. ROAD is a solution designed to digitise and manage all drivers and vehicles, for companies at varying stages of digital transformation – enabling them to scale last mile automation as operations grow,” the business stated further.

Bringg enables a hassle-free delivery experience, offering convenient delivery options while still ensuring more drops per day. Bringg turns delivery into a unique differentiator for over 800 customers, with over 200 million orders shipped every year,” it reiterated.

How The Company Works

Bringg’s specialisation in simplifying delivery operations for global brands has earned the venture over 80 customers in more than 50 nations, with the product delivery milestone breaching the 200 million mark.

As of January 2024, the Tel Aviv-based start-up has set up a partnership network with leading technology vendors, expert consultancies and integrated carriers.

Talking about ‘Carrier Network’, Bringg’s delivery solutions have integrated themselves with over 200 carriers across the globe. FedEx, Uber, IBM, Google and DHL are some of the vital cogs of this partnership network. In fact, through its partnerships with the tech giants, Bringg is providing tailored and innovative solutions for its clients.

Bringg is known for providing top-notch delivery route planning capabilities, where the venture automates and optimises the delivery routes to reduce manual dispatching efforts and increase fleet efficiency. This step alone ensures cost reduction for the clients by centralising all resourcing needed to run the latter’s operation. Bringg, through its effective management of drivers, vehicles and depots, pulls off tasks like setting up driver schedules and creating delivery slots for auto-scheduling with ease.

Bringg’s delivery route planning also has a crucial element called ‘Time on Site’, where the venture automatically and accurately predicts how long each delivery job should take, based on which it optimises route planning to account for time spent on site, apart from simplifying complex deliveries requiring additional handling and improving fleet productivity metrics.

And yes, the solution is also equipped with ‘Real-Time Traffic and Location Intelligence’, which involves vehicle-specific routing that considers road constraints for each vehicle type, apart from unlocking traffic-aware logistics support and accurate delivery estimates that account for traffic conditions.

Bringg’s other disruptive product, ‘Auto Dispatch’, automatically identifies, plans, and manages optimal routes for on-demand orders, to increase fleet efficiency, minimise manual efforts and reduce fleet costs.

Aligning all order stages for the best possible route integration, dispatching orders to drivers at predetermined intervals, initiating order preparation dynamically based on estimated warehouse arrival time and assigning drivers based on picking-task status are some of the pros brought by ‘Auto Dispatch’.

Bringg is also known for its strong driver management policy. Through the company app, the drivers can receive and navigate assigned orders, apart from keeping dispatchers updated on route progress and last but not least, creating automatic check-ins and arrival notifications.

The whole thing has been digitised to support even complex deliveries, as features like video fast-scan, age verification, vehicle checks, voice assistance, and automatic pre and post-shift driver checks set the tool apart from its market contemporaries.

Bringg’s ‘Multi Carrier Management’ automates fulfilment and manifesting tasks, apart from assigning packaging and carrier options in line with predefined rules and automating labelling and documentation operations.

Bringg enhances customer satisfaction further with a diverse selection of dynamically calculated delivery options and pre-purchase quotes. These help the client to optimise his/her checkout experience and boost cart conversion by scheduling deliveries based on availability.

A good delivery portal is the one, which makes the package tracking job easier for its customers. Staying true to this principle, Bringg notifies its customers about the delivery stages, apart from automatically uploading Proof of Delivery (POD) to shipment records and enhancing driver communications for seamless coordination.

Knowing The Solutions

Bringg’s ‘ROAD’ is a solution that digitises and manages all delivery operations. ROAD caters to companies at varying stages of their digital transformation journey, automating and optimising every step of it and creating a seamless experience for drivers, dispatchers and customers.

Bringg’s ‘Delivery Hub’ ensures seamless multi-carrier delivery management and integration with over 200 carriers. Apart from streamlining shipping and returning operations while reducing cost and driving brand loyalty, the hub also allows the client to manage all carrier shipment operations from one unified platform, apart from access to a wide selection of carrier capabilities ranging from e-commerce parcels to construction materials.

‘Bringg on Salesforce’ helps the venture’s clients to get enlisted with a multi-carrier shipping app, that provides essential APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for shipping rate calculations, delivery date estimates, shipment booking, real-time tracking, and returns.

Bringg In News

The Tel Aviv-based start-up was honoured in Built In’s (the largest candidate generation platform for technology professionals) ‘2024 Best Places To Work Awards’. Bringg earned a place on the’ Best Midsize Places to Work List in Chicago’.

Built In’s annual awards programme includes companies of all sizes, from start-ups to those in the enterprise, and honours both remote-first employers as well as large American tech companies.

However, Bringg’s moment of reckoning came on October 7, 2023. As Hamas fighters stormed communities along Israel’s southern fence with Gaza, an incident which saw the death of 1000 civilians and the captivity of 240 others, the start-up’s software, which was used to manage the product shipments, ended up managing the rescue of survivors from Gaza border towns.

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