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Saudi Tharwa: Enhancing lives & building futures in the Kingdom

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Recently, Saudi Tharwa reached yet another remarkable height, securing two prestigious awards during the 11th Annual International Finance Awards held in Dubai

Saudi Tharwa is an urban development company that was established in 2007. The company is known for its commitment to creating advanced urban and infrastructure spaces, and its mission is to revolutionise the cities of the Kingdom with a future-oriented mindset.

Over the years, Saudi Tharwa has gained the trust of its clients and stakeholders through its positive outlook, valuable experiences, and successful partnerships. The firm has made steady progress towards achieving its goals.

Saudi Tharwa is deeply committed to smart, sustainable development, with a focus on delivering exceptional solutions and services that benefit cities and communities.

Recently, the real estate mogul reached yet another remarkable height, securing two prestigious awards during the 11th Annual International Finance Awards held in Dubai.

Saudi Tharwa achieved excellence in two categories — ‘Most Innovative Investor Relations – Real Estate’ and ‘Most Innovative Real Estate Utilities Design and Development Company’. This not only solidifies its status as an industry frontrunner but also underscores its unwavering dedication to excellence and continuous growth.

The mentioned achievements showcase Saudi Tharwa’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. It also demonstrates its ability to deliver outstanding results in a fiercely competitive market.

The company’s success in these areas reflects its capacity to comprehend and tackle significant challenges faced by the industry. At the same time, it leverages new technologies and methodologies to drive innovation, improve functionality, and promote sustainability.

All these accolades were possible thanks to Saudi Tharwa’s exceptional team consistently striving for excellence, aiming to surpass industry standards. This commitment to quality has led the company to win world-class awards for many years, including ‘Best Emerging Infrastructure Developers 2022’, ‘Best Real Estate Agency Marketing 2022-2023’ and ‘Best Development Marketing 2022-2023’, among many others.

The company aims to become a leading real estate development firm in Saudi Arabia, providing investment opportunities that align with and surpass the objectives outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030 programme.

The company’s objective is to support the growth of a top-notch urban infrastructure that complies with the highest quality standards and specifications. This endeavour will improve the community’s quality of life by providing an exceptional urban infrastructure that families can reside in and enjoy.

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