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India’s big players will embrace digitisation as they become major exporters

The GTR India Trade and Treasury Conference in Mumbai was an eye-opener Ian Kerr March 20, 2017: India is on the move towards digitisation in trade. Our attendance at this year’s GTR India Trade and Treasury Conference in Mumbai certainly confirmed that. With delegates from more than 120 companies and the key banks in the...

Artificial intelligence creates immense potential for innovation and growth in car industry

Cars will recognise voices and able to optimise journey April 8,2016: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digitisation will change the future of cars, challenge traditional business models and create immense potential for innovation. In future, cars will be cognitive – not only will they recognize voices and be able to optimise the journey, they will also...

Companies are realising the benefits of digitisation

IFM spoke to Paul Jeruchimowitz of Accenture Strategy about the conclusions from their study ‘Disrupt or be disrupted: The impact of digital technologies on business services’ Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya December 23,2014:It is a well-known fact that traditional organisations are now following the example of firms and industries which have been highly influenced by digitisation. Hence,...