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Forex with insurance

Unlimited income without the risk August 11, 2015: Free insurance against losses when trading with currencies and metals? An impossible dream for a trader. But experts at FBS brokerage company insist that it is possible. Forex has never been so advantageous and profitable. Forex trading is an extremely profitable way to earn money, but also...

‘Turkish people love trading and they want to take risks’

Okan Boke, the General Coordinator of ATIG, tells IFM why the company sees big potential in the forex business IFM Correspondent July 29, 2015: ATIG Investment and Securities provides professional services, such as Forex and CFD Trading, Equity Trading, Futures and Options Trading, Portfolio Management and Corporate Finance. The forex business has been growing in...

Herstatt Risk- Systemic Risk in the Forex Market

The time zone difference meant that the banks sending the money never received their US. dollars, on June 26, 1974, German regulators forced the bank into liquidation. 11th October 2013 The world has seen failure of banks and corporates due to creative accounting strategies such as Repo-105 in case of Lehman Brothers, transferring accumulated losses...