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Informal OPEC meet in September does not raise hopes

Experts do not expect a major impact on oil price IFM Correspondent August 17, 2016: The past week saw OPEC announcing plans for an informal meet at the International Energy Forum in late September. The announcement comes at a time when Saudi Arabia is pumping a record amount of oil and Iran is resuming production...

Oil at $50 is not a cause for concern

Experts say the quantum of price increase is not difficult to absorb IFM Correspondent May 27, 2016: After hovering around $30 per barrel for close to five months, oil price is finally heading northwards. The price touched $50 a barrel — around 70 per cent up on its February low. It is a rapid climb,...
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Saudi oil minister removed after 20 years in the job

He has been replaced by Khaled al-Falih, who heads Saudi Aramco IFM Correspondent May 12, 2016: After announcing reforms to overhaul the economy in April, Mohammed bin Salman, the deputy Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia announced a government shake-up. The Prince announced the removal of veteran oil minister Ali al-Naimi. He has been removed after 20...

Oil trade: No sign of prices going up

Some analysts claim that OPEC will not last more than 50 years Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya November 27, 2014: Economists dealing with oil prices and stability were in for a shock when global oil prices started to tumble this year. After three years of relative calm wherein prices moved less than three percent year-on-year, the sudden...