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Will AEC be a force to reckon with?

The 10-nation group wants to make its presence felt globally Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya February 24, 2016: This year, Southeast Asian countries finally embarked on a new journey — the formation ASEAN Economic Committee (AEC). It has been in the works for years now and hence it is not surprising that expectations ran high when the...
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Gold trading: To do or not to do

Many investment experts are sceptical, but interest is increasing Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya    October 10,2014:The yellow metal traditionally has caught the fancy of many — be it in the form of bars, or in the form of Exchange-Traded Fund (ETFs). Stocks and shares remain the best form of investment for many, but gold has been...

Argentina’s electoral campaign kicks off

Six presidential pre-candidates spelled out their political and economic program during Industry Day on September 1 in Buenos Aires Kamilia Lahrichi September 3, 2014: More than one year ahead of Argentina’s general elections in October 2015, six presidential pre-candidates spelled out their political and economic program during Industry Day on September 1 in Buenos Aires....

Germany’s trade surplus widens, but exports fall

Euro zone’s largest economy also sees manufacturing turnover fall 1.9 percent in May, reports Team IFM Wiesbaden, July 14: Germany saw both exports and imports falling in May compared to the preceding month, with the turnover of the manufacturing sector too taking a tumble, official data released on Tuesday showed, reflecting a slowdown and endorsing...

Depth in Africa’s Transformation

By Homi Kharas 27th March 2014 Africa is growing fast but transforming slowly. This is the message of the 2014 African Transformation Report, launched last week by the African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET). The report addresses a worry on the minds of many: in spite of impressive growth, the structure of most sub-Saharan African economies...

Trade Regionalism in the Asia-Pacific: New Game, Old Rules?

By Swarnim Wagle. 3rd December 2013 Negotiations over one of history’s most ambitious trade deals have taken another step towards defining the future of Trans-Pacific trade. The latest round of discussions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) wrapped up this past weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah. Negotiators are believed to have made headway on a number of...

Growth in Greece? A Logistical Possibility

BY DARIA TAGLIONI. 20th November 2013 More than 95 percent of goods traded between Europe and Asia are transported via deep sea. All of this happens through two primary routes– some serious traffic. But it’s far from stop-and-go. In fact, most doesn’t stop at all. Large container ships leave ports in Asia and proceed directly...