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Adnoc Distribution’s app sees 9 mn contactless transactions

Adnoc app
Adnoc provides four secure contactless payment options through its smart application, including Mobile Pay and RFID

Abu Dhabi-based oil company Adnoc’s mobile app sees nine million contactless transactions being carried out since the start of this year, according to media reports.

Adnoc’s app provides four secure contactless payment options through its smart application, including Mobile Pay, RFID, ADNOC Plus top-up cards and Emirates ID.

The app launched by Adnoc Distribution allows customers to make payment securely at gas stations. Prior to making payments, the user is required to register for Adnoc Wallet. The user can recharge their accounts and pay directly by choosing the station location, fuel pump number, type of fuel and amount from their digital devices.

Ahmed Al Shamsi, acting chief executive officer at Adnoc Distribution told the media, “There has been a strong adherence to cashless payments and online shopping in the UAE during the current global crisis. Adnoc Distribution’s range of contactless payment methods are designed for convenience and also offer secure ways to pay for transactions with minimal-to-no interaction. We want to ensure that our customers have access to all the necessities they need, in the most convenient and safest way possible.”

Adnoc recently revealed that its Panorama digital command centre generated over $1 billion in business value. The Panorama digital command centre is a key part of Adnoc’s ongoing strategic investment in digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI).

The project will help Adnoc increase efficiency, optimise performance, and respond to complex market dynamics with agility and speed.

Developed in 2018 by Schneider Electric, Panorama digital command centre enables Adnoc to collect data in real-time across the company’s 14 specialist subsidiary and joint venture companies.

Adnoc has also revealed that Panorama has proved to be useful in dealing with the current coronavirus pandemic.

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