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Era of E-commerce boom in Indonesia

Consumers in retail, technology, and finance are seeking ways to take immediate action on their needs and wishes because of Indonesia's growing digitalization.

Google analyzed the Search Data in Indonesia across three major industries — retail, technology, and finance to find out what consumers are really searching for in these sectors.

They came up with two insights: One, people were looking at instant gratification. Second, they were getting hold of the seamless online-offline lifestyle.

Consumers in retail, technology, and finance are seeking ways to take immediate action on their needs and wishes because of Indonesia’s growing digitalization. This includes utilizing buy-now, pay-later financing options, and promoting environmentally friendly technology.

Here’s how the three major industries are working:

As evidenced by Indonesia’s thriving e-commerce market, buyers continue to prioritize the convenience of online shopping. In the last two years, searches for “same-day delivery” and “free delivery” have increased by over 35% and 15%, respectively, especially during high shopping seasons like Ramadan.

Consumers are increasingly looking to have things in their hands right away, with search interest in stores “near me” growing by over 85% as COVID pandemic restrictions loosen and in-person activities resume.

Consumers are paying more and more attention to sustainability as search interest in the term has increased by over 50%. Following Indonesia’s pledge to promote environmentally friendly initiatives in the area, customers are now holding brands responsible for their impact on the environment. Over 175% more people searched for “carbon footprint” in the past year.

Due to shifting tax regulations and rising living expenses and inflation, consumers are aiming to reduce their financial worries and improve money management through strategies like short-term borrowing and tax amnesty. In the past year, searches for “pay later” and “tax amnesty” both saw increases of over 30% and over 4 times, respectively.

In the current economic climate, people are also cautious with their investments and are looking for quick access to the most recent financial data to aid them in making informed choices. For instance, the “fear and greed index” search interest increased by nearly 9 times.

What does this mean for one’s brand?
Automated marketing solutions can be useful for meeting consumers’ needs in real-time as they search and take immediate action. For instance, a broad match allows your advertising to automatically reach users whose searches are relevant to your phrase, even if they don’t exactly match your keyword.

As a result, you can reach a larger audience of potential clients than you could by manually entering hundreds of different keywords.

You can adapt swiftly to shifting consumer behavior trends and seize new demand by keeping an eye on customer interest in the goods and services that are relevant to your organization.

The Insights page presents this information that is particular to your brand and points out areas where your campaign may be strengthened and your company can expand.

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