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How working from anywhere is not exactly how it may sound

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When abroad, everyday issues such as IT support becomes even more complicated.

With the onset of the pandemic, everyone was trapped inside their homes. This has now become a new place of work. According to a recent Gallup survey, three-quarters of American workers who can work remotely expect to spend time doing it in the future. Offices are becoming more and more places where you bring your company into society-through working together and through social activities.

But the boldest version of remote work goes far beyond these two locations. Working from anywhere is often assumed as a completely independent entity where people can work in Alaska and Zanzibar. Many travel destinations strive to blur the line between business and leisure. Even hotels have converted some of their rooms into offices to provide the facility of work from the hotel.

The whole country is reforming itself as a place of play and work. The Bahamas, Costa Rica, Malta and others offer visas to digital nomads.

The idea of the existence of a Globetrotter is wonderful. Nevertheless, many barriers remain. Some are practical. The legal, salary, and tax implications of working in different locations during the year are a headache for the management.

When you’re abroad, everyday issues such as IT support become even more complicated. You can work from anywhere only if the device works reliably. If Airbnb’s WiFi reminds you of your modem usage, your options may be limited. If you spill sunscreen on your laptop, the person at the hotel front desk is more likely to sympathize with you than a spare computer.

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