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Regency wins big at International Finance Awards 2022

IFM_ Stephen Coughlin, Director, Regency Financial Services
Regency Financial Services is a subsidiary of Regency Assurance, a distinguished global insurance, pension, and savings provider

Regency, an international insurance provider recognized with the ‘Best Expat Savings and Investment Provider’ at International Finance Magazine award 2022. The company offers expats access to award-winning savings and investment plans, which were once only available to corporate clients and international institutions.

In Q1 of 2022, Regency’s business model evolved to make all savings and investment products available to individual non-institutional investors. Expats and global investors have commended Regency’s decision to disrupt the market by allowing individual savers access to products previously restricted to corporate clients. Over the last ten years, the market has applauded Regency for its forward-thinking customer-centric approach toward financial services.

Global influence
Regency Financial Services is a subsidiary of Regency Assurance, a distinguished global insurance, pension, and savings provider. The firm has proven its ability to implement risk-managed and results-driven solutions. Today, Regency serves over 120 countries, providing insurance and financial solutions to individuals, companies, and government organisations worldwide, and influences international financial markets and business practices.

Stephen Coughlin, Director at Regency Financial Services, said, “As the number one expat savings, investment, and insurance plan provider, we have a responsibility to our international clients (both individual and corporate). Historically, individual expats have struggled to access investment and savings vehicles previously available only to large organisations. Therefore, our policy has evolved, enabling the wider general public to benefit from Regency’s unique, transparent, and fully guaranteed fixed-interest savings plans.”

“Regency’s exclusive investment vehicles are safe, secure, and transparent. All fixed interest plans are financially guaranteed and underwritten, globally transferable, offer flexible terms, and have fixed and transparent rates with no hidden fees. In addition, all products are available in multiple currencies,” he added.

Unique savings and investment products
Individuals can now take advantage of the Regency’s global savings and investments and plan for future savings and investment growth. Their insurance-wrapped savings and investment platforms support pensions, retirement plans, education funds, and insurance bonds.

Bespoke financial solutions
The introduction of the level playing field allows individual savers and investors to choose how and when they want to receive interest payments. For example, Regency’s Access Plan offers fixed interest, which guarantees a monthly income. The interest payments will be the same throughout the term, and the value of the savings will remain intact. Alternatively, you could achieve more remarkable growth and performance via the accumulated plan, whereby compound interest can yield greater returns over the program term.

Exclusive asset-backed investments
Guaranteed fixed interest vehicles offer a guaranteed interest rate which provides a monthly income (or compound annual income) of between 4% and 6%. In 2021, Regency’s asset-backed property portfolio and investments generated steady growth of 12.91%. In the same year, private equity investments generated the most substantial performance growth of 27.25%.

Rates and terms
Regency’s term options include a 10% bonus uplift if the unit allocation is applied to the 10-year term, 15% for 15 years and 20% for 20 years.

Instant access to fixed interest – LIVELIFE Direct Debit Visa Card
To make life easier for savers, Regency has forged an exclusive relationship with Visa to provide the Regency LIVELIFE Debit Card, which allows instant access to ‘fixed’ interest payments. These can be accessed and spent globally.

Simplified application
Expats can also benefit from faster and more secure application processes that enable them to access a range of savings and investments quickly and start to accumulate wealth faster.

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