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Industry Analysis & Outlook: Global expansion in onshore oil and gas pipeline sales market

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Global Onshore Oil and Gas Pipeline Sales Market Report 2018 indicates the possible opportunities and barriers presented for leading firms and new entrants in the industry

Pipeline associated with global oil and gas business are utilised to transport a range of commodities including crude oil, natural gas, and refined products. According to a press release, onshore pipelines are constructed over land and may even stretch across different countries. Onshore pipelines may either be laid underground or above ground. Crude oil and natural gas are found in rock formations in the earths crust. The depths at which oil and gas reservoirs occur can vary from a few meters to more than 40,000 feet. The valuable petroleum resources are extracted by drilling through the surface to the depths where the resources occur.

Leading companies in the business are continuously known for better performance, range of products, advanced technical and after-sales service. In addition, they also own a lion’s share of the high-end market value. The press release reads: “Significant and lasting barriers make entry into this market difficult. These barriers include, but are not limited to: (i) product development costs (ii) capital requirements (iii) intellectual property rights (iv) regulatory requirement  (v) Transitions unfair methods of competition.”

Although the competition is potent in the market, investors remain optimistic  because of global recover trends. So the future will still be able to welcome more new investments in the field. However, new entrants with extensive financial capacity but lack technical advantage, and upstream and downstream support will not be able to penetrate into this field.

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