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Challenges for Islamic finance in the USA

The biggest challenge is the First Amendment of the US Constitution Camille Paldi  March 14, 2017: With proper regulation, legislation, and dispute resolution, Islamic finance, sukuk (Islamic bond) and takaful (Islamic insurance) have tremendous possibilities in the United States at this moment in time. Modes of Islamic finance, including musharakah, mudharabah, murabahah, tawarruq, salam, and istisna’a, can enhance the capitalist performance of...

London secures £200 mn for extension to Northern Line

The UK’s first ever CPI-linked Sterling bond will contribute to the cost of the new project May 12, 2015: A £1billion infrastructure project that will link Battersea to the London Underground is another step closer due to a pioneering new method of financing agreed between the GLA and Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking. On May 11,...