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SMEs: The double-edged sword of disintermediation

Fragmentation of SME credit markets requires business owners to be more knowledgeable Charles Thorburn February 3, 2015: Financial markets have gone through a roller coaster in the past eight years, and whether it’s been bank bailouts, sovereign debt crises or LIBOR fixing scandals, the world of finance has been a large part of the news...

Will the Financial Services Act of 2012 revamp UK’s Financial Regulatory Framework

The Financial Services Act 2012 has come into force from 1st April, 2013 in the U.K.  August 28, 2013 : The Financial Services Act 2012 is aimed at creating a new regulatory framework for the supervision and management of UK’s banking and financial industry. The enforcement of the act will also see the launch of the new...
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UBS Wealth Management Profits Rise to a new High

UBS Wealth Management delivered the highest levels of quarterly net new money since 2007, and the highest quarterly profit since 2009. The United Bank of Switzerland has posted a better than expected performance for the first quarter of the year on April 30th. The bank has posted a profit of 7.8 billion CHF, ($ 8.3...