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With employee scholarships & ‘Key Performance Indicators’, Oman SATS edges out its rivals

IFM Correspondent
Oman SATS has embarked on a journey to level up its operational efficiency, apart from customising its services and solutions as per the ever-changing customer and industry needs...

‘Ecosystem for SMEs in Oman is still nascent’

Adham Al Said spoke to IFM about the initiatives taken by His Majesty and challenges ahead IFM Correspondent September 2, 2015 SMEs play a major role in any economy. How is it in Oman? Recent reports and studies have suggested that SMEs form approximate 90% of active businesses. Their contribution to GDP is estimated to...

‘Salary is not the only criteria to attract top talent’

Suhail Masri, VP of Sales, says SMEs in the GCC can compete with larger MNCs IFM Correspondent September 1, 2015 With MNCs spreading their wings, are local SMEs losing potentially good employees to these bigger companies? The state of talent in SMEs in Oman is positive. After all, Oman attracts top talent from all...
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Guiding light for SMEs in Oman

Startup Oman aims to connect Oman’s entire SME ecosystem Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya August 24, 2015: Entrepreneurship is a great equaliser. Across the globe, entrepreneurs may come from varied backgrounds, but the language of entrepreneurship unites them. And testimony to this is the story of Startup Oman, a one-stop shop community for SMEs. The founders —...