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European Banking is getting Scary

The loss of confidence in the European banking system stemming from the Cypriot crisis will not only weigh on the banks but also but also on the economy of the region. The European Banking Crisis The European banking crisis has a dark history, on September 29th 2009, governments of European bigwigs Germany, Iceland to name...

McKinsey Report Says Twenty Percent of Banks May Shrink or Merge

Return on equity (RoE) dropped as low as 4 percent across the industry in 2008 after the financial crisis and remains below the average cost of capital, estimated at 10-12 percent. November 8th ,2013 : One fifth of the world’s biggest banks may be broken up or sold as part of a “radical course correction” in...

Transatlantic Exchange Operator to Takeover Scandal hit LIBOR

The winning subsidiary known as NYSE Euronext Rate Administration Limited is scheduled to complete the transfer by 2014. July 11,2013 : International Finance Magazine reports on the takeover of the traditional rate setter by an independent private company and a threadbare analysis of how the new mechanism shall prevent fraudulent rate setting by elite banks and...