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European Banking is getting Scary

The loss of confidence in the European banking system stemming from the Cypriot crisis will not only weigh on the banks but also but also on the economy of the region. The European Banking Crisis The European banking crisis has a dark history, on September 29th 2009, governments of European bigwigs Germany, Iceland to name...

Exports, Austerity Help Spain Recover from Recession

Based on a growth prediction of 0.7 percent the Spanish budget for 2014 included less cuts and greater stimulus. 7th October 2013 Spain’s Prime Minister has presented its most pain free budget in many years, banking on a nascent economic recovery gathering steam in 2014. Based on a growth prediction of 0.7 percent the Spanish...

Bail In or Bail Out

Differences are coined based on the EU bank resolution and recovery directive and are applicable to those countries and banks which fall under their scope. 2nd September 2013 (BailOut) Scenario: 1 A spokesman from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said the IMF did not have any discussions with Greece for a third bail out, as...