Wednesday, Oct 5, 2022
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8 things business travellers need to know about Apple’s plans

But with all the major tech players offering synced services, the barriers to switching from Apple to Android or Windows to Apple are becoming higher July 21, 2014: On Monday 2nd June, Apple held its annual Worldwide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Despite rumours of new devices like the iWatch...
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Apple CEO, Tim Cook Unapologetic on Company’s tax strategy

There are good negotiators, and then there is Apple chief executive Tim Cook. In a dramatic display on how multinational companies are dictating taxation polices around the world, Tim Cook warned Congress he would refuse to repatriate a total of $ 100 billion stashed offshore, unless the government reduces the corporate tax rates from 35...

No more ‘Apple’ of your Eye

Apple is still profitable and its revenues increased by 11% to billion. But analysts are seeing red over the drop in Apple’s price-earnings (p/e) ration which has slipped to below ten for the first time. So has Apple turned from a low-hanging fruit to a low-growing fruit? April 24, 2013: Wall Street was grappling with...