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Tapping into the wealth in our property to fund retirement

Alice Watson Retirement Advantage responds to UK government’s white paper on housing February 8, 2017: The new white paper on housing by the UK government plans to explore ways to stimulate the market to deliver new homes for older people. The white paper states that there are barriers to people moving out of family homes...

About what’s next in banking

Global banks woo startups to avoid being left behind by innovation Tom Jackson February 22, 2016: “Traditional bank-to-bank competition is not the issue. This new wave of competition is coming from both nimble, innovative, cloud- and mobile-first startups, as well as the major technology players largely unencumbered by policy and regulation,” says David Lynch, managing...
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Modi makes a mark at Madison Square Garden

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Thanks Indian-Americans for their support and unveils his vision for India in an engaging speech IFM Correspondent September 29, 2014: On Sunday, Madison Square Garden was jampacked with Indian-Americans who had turned up to listen to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. Thousands of supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were seen lined up outside...