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Consolidated financial statement of the Eurosystem

The net position of the Eurosystem in foreign currency has gone down to EUR 259.4 billion

In the week ending 1st September, 2017 gold and gold receivables remained unchanged.

The net position of the Eurosystem in foreign currency decreased by EUR 0.4 billion to EUR 259.4 billion.

US dollar liquidity operations

Value date Type of transaction Maturing amount New amount
31 August 2017 7-day US dollar liquidity-providing reverse transaction USD 35 million USD 35 million


The above liquidity-providing transactions were conducted by the Eurosystem in connection with the standing swap arrangement that the European Central Bank has with the Federal Reserve System.

The holdings by the Eurosystem of marketable securities other than those held for monetary policy purposes decreased by EUR 0.3 billion to EUR 285.7 billion. Banknotes in circulation increased by EUR 2.2 billion to EUR 1,142.1 billion. Liabilities to general government decreased by EUR 66.6 billion to EUR 158.8 billion.

Items related to monetary policy operations

The Eurosystem’s net lending to credit institutions decreased by EUR 36.7 billion to EUR 146.4 billion. On Wednesday, 30 August 2017, a main refinancing operation of EUR 7.3 billion matured and a new one of EUR 5.9 billion, with a maturity of seven days, was settled.

During the week, a longer-term refinancing operation of EUR 3 billion matured and a new one of EUR 2.9 billion was settled.

Recourse to the marginal lending facility was EUR 0.2 billion (compared with EUR 0.3 billion in the previous week), while recourse to the deposit facility (liability item 2.2) was EUR 628.3 billion (compared with EUR 593.2 billion in the preceding week). The holdings by the Eurosystem of securities held for monetary policy purposes  increased by EUR 10.3 billion to EUR 2,170.4 billion. The table below provides the detailed breakdown of asset item 7.1 into the different portfolios. All portfolios are accounted for at amortised cost.

Monetary policy securities portfolios Reported value as at 1 September 2017 Weekly change – purchases Weekly change – redemptions
Covered bond purchase programme 1 EUR 7.5 billion
Covered bond purchase programme 2 EUR 4.9 billion -EUR 0.0 billion
Covered bond purchase programme 3 EUR 228.0 billion +EUR 0.6 billion -EUR 0.3 billion
Asset-backed securities purchase programme EUR 24.5 billion +EUR 0.1 billion -EUR 0.1 billion
Corporate sector purchase programme EUR 107.3 billion +EUR 1.1 billion
Public sector purchase programme EUR 1,707.1 billion +EUR 9.0 billion -EUR 0.0 billion
Securities Markets Programme EUR 91.2 billion


Current accounts of euro area credit institutions

As a result of all transactions, the current account position of credit institutions with the Eurosystem increased by EUR 32.6 billion to EUR 1,263.4 billion.

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