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Dun & Bradstreet launches cloud-based D&B Credit

Will enable financial decision makers to mitigate risks and identify growth opportunities July 26, 2016: Dun & Bradstreet has launched D&B Credit, the next generation risk management platform for trade credit in the UK and Ireland. The cloud-based platform gives finance teams dynamic, intuitive access to the world’s largest commercial database, with over 250 million...
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Your financial past can hurt your job prospects

A good credit score is particularly important for C-level hires or those applying for a job in the finance department Suparna Goswami Bhattacharya August 18, 2015: Did you ever have had a bad credit or a bankruptcy? Does it happen often that despite repeated reminders by credit card companies, you end up paying your bills...

‘Payments via mobile phones are predicted to grow to $58 billion by 2017’

IFM spoke to Andrew Schrage, co-founder of, about the changes in payment systems April 23, 2015 Karan Belani How do the various payment systems — cash, cheque, credit cards, net banking, mobile payment — compare in terms of 1.       Cost incurred by the customer 2.       Safety issues There are virtually no costs incurred by...

SMEs: The double-edged sword of disintermediation

Fragmentation of SME credit markets requires business owners to be more knowledgeable Charles Thorburn February 3, 2015: Financial markets have gone through a roller coaster in the past eight years, and whether it’s been bank bailouts, sovereign debt crises or LIBOR fixing scandals, the world of finance has been a large part of the news...

Americans being served cards with chips

Following several breaches, US companies are forced to offer credit cards with greater security features Tom Groenfeldt November 4, 2014: The US is the last country with paved roads to adopt EMV, said Thad Peterson, senior analyst at the Aité Group, passing along a quip he had heard. That’s changing — almost all the new...