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Economy January-February 2019 Magazine

Too big to fail but big enough to trigger a financial crisis

International Finance
Italy is current bogged down by high debt, low growth and a weak economy. There are very real concerns that it could trigger a massive financial crisis in Europe, and its ongoing disagreement with the European Commission on its budget is making the situation worse. What lies ahead for the country?...
Investment Magazine November - December 2018

The Green Reaper: How to Responibly Multiply Your Assets

International Finance
The aftermath of the financial crisis left several people disgruntled with banking systems globally, but here are a set of personal wealth managers who invest as much in your wealth as they would on their own...
Banking Magazine May - June 2018

The need for risk-based capital ratios ahead of Basel III

International Finance
Prof. Steven Ongena of the University of Zurich tells us about the European Banking Authority (EBA) capital exercise, its impact on capital ratios in banks and what they can expect out of Basel III next year....

Financial crisis: Repaydebt or grow income

Europeans seem to be doing the former and Americans the latter, says ING senior economist Teunis Brosens August 13, 2014: Many countries have been under pressure to reduce their debt burden since the global financial crisis. But results are mixed and have serious implications for the recovery, says ING senior economist Teunis Brosens. Brosens tells...